Wiazi 500mg Tablet

Wiazi 500mg Tablet

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Wiazi 500mg Tablet is an antibiotic that has a broad spectrum of activity making it effective against a wide range of grampositive bacteria some gramnegative bacteria and other microorganisms To ensure optimal absorption it is recommended to take this medication orally preferably one hour before or two hours after a meal Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions on how regularly and at what intervals to take the medication It is crucial to follow these instructions and not skip any doses Even if you start to feel better it is important to complete the full course of treatment Stopping the medication too early may result in the recurrence or worsening of the infection Common side effects of Wiazi 500mg Tablet may include vomiting nausea stomach pain and diarrhea However these side effects are usually temporary and will subside once the treatment is completed If you find these side effects concerning or if they persist for an extended period it is advisable to consult your doctor Before taking this medication inform your doctor if you have any history of allergies or heart problems Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also consult their doctor before using Wiazi 500mg Tablet