Hepasan 300mg Tablet

Hepasan 300mg Tablet

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It is recommended to take Hepasan 300mg Tablet after a meal with a glass of milk or water The dosage will depend on the purpose of treatment and your body weight Swallowing the tablet whole is preferable It is important to take this medicine regularly to maximize its benefits and you may need to continue taking it for several months or even longer so establishing a routine is advised Even if your symptoms improve or gallstones dissolve completely it is essential to continue the treatment for several weeks or months Some common side effects of Hepasan include abdominal pain diarrhea hair loss itching nausea and rash However not everyone experiences these side effects If you are concerned about them or they persist it is important to inform your doctor If you experience diarrhea your doctor may adjust the dosage or discontinue the treatment Prior to taking this medicine inform your doctor if you have inflammation of the gallbladder or bile ducts frequent cramplike pain in the upper abdomen coughing up blood or rapid weight gain This medicine may interact with other medications either reducing or increasing their effects so it is important to disclose all other medications you are taking to your doctor If you are using this medicine for gallstone dissolution it is recommended to discontinue the use of birth control pills as the hormones in them can promote gallstone production Throughout the treatment you may need ultrasound scans or frequent blood tests to monitor your liver function