Domrite 10mg Tablet

Domrite 10mg Tablet

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The recommended dosage for Domrite 10mg Tablet is to be taken before meals as prescribed by your doctor The specific dosage will be determined by your condition and response to the medication It is important to continue taking this medication until your doctor advises otherwise Remember to inform your doctor about any other medications you are currently taking as there may be potential interactions with this medicine The most commonly reported side effects of this medication include headache dry mouth and stomach pain These side effects are usually temporary and will typically resolve over time If you have any concerns about these side effects it is recommended to contact your doctor immediately Furthermore this medication may cause dizziness and drowsiness so it is important to avoid activities that require mental alertness until you understand how this medicine affects you It is advised to refrain from consuming alcohol while taking this medication as it can further amplify drowsiness Additionally this medication may cause diarrhea so it is advisable to consume an adequate amount of fluids to prevent dehydration Before taking this medicine inform your doctor if you have any existing liver or kidney problems It is not recommended to take this medication concurrently with antacids Pregnant women should also consult their doctor before using this medication If you have bleeding ulcers of the stomach it is best to avoid this medication