Caprin 25000IU Injection

Caprin 25000IU Injection

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Caprin 25000IU Injection should only be administered under the supervision of a doctor Your doctor will determine the frequency of use for this medicine which may change over time depending on its effectiveness It is important to take this medicine regularly to maximize its benefits even if you feel well This medication helps prevent future harm Your doctor may conduct regular blood tests to ensure that the medicine is working effectively and to monitor your potassium and platelet levels Using this medicine may increase the risk of bleeding If you notice a pinpoint rash or observe blood in your vomit urine or stool it is crucial to inform your doctor immediately Exercise caution when shaving cutting nails using sharp objects or participating in contact sports Inform your doctor if you have any liver or kidney disease Additionally make sure to disclose all other medications you are taking regularly This medicine is generally not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding so it is important to consult your doctor before taking it