Abd 200mg Suspension

Abd 200mg Suspension

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Abd 200mg Suspension is an effective treatment for various parasitic worm infections in children It works by preventing the worms from absorbing essential nutrients from the body ultimately leading to their death The dead worms are then eliminated from the body through the stool To administer this medicine to your child give it orally preferably with a meal that contains fat such as milk This helps the body absorb the medicine more effectively If your child vomits within 30 minutes of taking Abd 200mg Suspension repeat the same dose The duration of the treatment depends on the specific type of worm infection your child has Typically it is given as a single dose However your childs doctor may prescribe repeating the dose after two weeks to prevent reinfection In certain cases such as with specific types of infections your child may need to take the medicine for several days to weeks It is important to follow the prescribed number of days exactly as stopping the medicine too soon may result in reinfection Before giving this medicine to your child inform the doctor if they have any history of medicine allergy seizures liver impairment kidney malfunction stomach problems or blood disorders This information is crucial for determining any necessary dose adjustments and planning your childs overall treatment