Abcin 250mg Injection

Abcin 250mg Injection

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Abcin 250mg Injection functions by inhibiting the growth of bacteria It is administered as an intravenous drip infusion or as an injection directly into a vein or muscle under the supervision of a healthcare professional Selfadministration is not recommended Once culture reports are available your doctor may switch you to a different antibiotic It is important to use this medication regularly at evenly spaced intervals as prescribed by your doctor Do not skip any doses and complete the full course of treatment even if you start feeling better If the medicine is stopped too early there is a risk of the infection returning or worsening Please consult your doctor if you experience any persistent side effects such as hearing loss injection site issues or increased blood urea levels Additionally if your condition does not improve despite treatment seek medical advice In some cases patients receiving high doses may experience balance disorders kidney damage and hearing loss Therefore it is important to follow all instructions given by your doctor while using this medicine Your doctor may also monitor your kidney function hearing and urine through regular tests during the course of treatment It is not recommended to use this medication during pregnancy Inform your doctor if you are pregnant planning to conceive or breastfeeding