Aalcetamol 1000mg Infusion

Aalcetamol 1000mg Infusion

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Aalcetamol 1000mg Infusion should only be administered as an injection by a healthcare professional and should not be selfadministered Your doctor will determine the specific dose and schedule for this injection based on the severity of your underlying illness The medication usually starts working within one hour It is important to inform your doctor if you are taking any other medications that contain paracetamol to prevent an overdose If your pain or fever does not improve please consult your doctor Some patients may experience side effects such as vomiting difficulty sleeping or constipation If these side effects do not improve or persist for a longer period of time it is advised to consult your doctor If you notice any rash or allergic reaction while taking this medicine inform your doctor immediately Pregnant and nursing women should only use this medication under medical supervision Caution should be exercised in patients with liver and kidney disease or alcohol abuse It is not recommended for patients with severe or active liver disease