Aagnil-Sos Syrup

Aagnil-Sos Syrup

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The doctor will advise you to take AagnilSos Syrup without food in a specific dose and duration The dosage will vary based on your condition and response to the medication It is important to continue taking the medicine for the duration recommended by your doctor Stopping the treatment prematurely can lead to the return of symptoms and worsening of your condition Inform your healthcare team about all other medications you are taking as some may interact with or be affected by this medicine Avoid taking it for a longer duration than recommended as prolonged use may have harmful effects on your health Common side effects of this medicine include constipation nausea vomiting dizziness insomnia and allergic reactions These side effects are temporary and typically resolve over time If you have any concerns about these side effects contact your doctor immediately To relieve constipation incorporate fiberrich foods into your diet and stay wellhydrated Dizziness and drowsiness may occur so avoid activities that require mental focus such as driving until you know how this medicine affects you Avoid alcohol consumption while taking this medicine as it can exacerbate drowsiness Making lifestyle modifications such as consuming cold milk and avoiding hot tea coffee spicy food or chocolate can help improve the results of the medication Before taking this medicine inform your doctor if you are pregnant planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding Additionally notify your doctor of any liver diseases you may have to ensure the appropriate dosage is prescribed