5 Mono 10 Tablet

5 Mono 10 Tablet

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To prevent angina 5 Mono 10 Tablet is prescribed Its mechanism of action involves relaxing and dilating blood vessels allowing for easier blood flow to the heart It is important to note that this medication does not treat ongoing angina attacks It is recommended to take 5 Mono 10 Tablet on an empty stomach The dosage and frequency will be determined by your doctor and may be adjusted based on its effectiveness Even if you start feeling better it is essential to continue taking the prescribed dosage Ceasing the medication abruptly can increase the risk of chest pain particularly in the future Additionally incorporating lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet regular exercise and refraining from smoking can optimize the medications effectiveness Consistency in adhering to a specific dosing schedule is crucial to prevent developing tolerance which diminishes the medications efficacy over time Before commencing treatment with this medicine inform your doctor about any existing conditions such as low blood pressure glaucoma increased eye pressure kidney disease or heart failure Also disclose all other medications you are currently taking as there may be potential interactions or contraindications Combining this medicine with erectile dysfunction medications is not advised If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult your doctor to determine the suitability of this medication Throughout the course of treatment your doctor may monitor your blood pressure and heart rate on a regular basis